Flickr for iPhone updated with faster uploading and other improvements

The photography app Flickr for iPhone has been updated with faster uploading and new features that address many user complaints including the ability to save photos from your Photostream to your Camera Roll. Flickr will also automatically save original, pre-filter photos that were taken with the app to your Camera Roll.

Additionally, you can also quickly tag contacts in descriptions and comments by typing @screename, and you'll get notified when your contacts mention you. Flickr also now displays higher resolution photos in lightbox view, and you can take photos with the iPhone's volume up button.

This update to Flickr may not be huge, but the issues it addresses really make the experience of using the app much greater. Most of the new features were things that should've been there from the beginning and now that they're there, the app feels more complete.

Have you tried out any of the new features? What do you think? If you use Flickr and are looking for more contacts, feel free to drop your screen name in the comments!

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