Lake Minneola High School has adopted the iPad as its future learning device of choice. When students return next month they will have access to a shiny new iPad for school time and home use. Lake Minneola will be the first public school in Central Florida to buy Apples iconic tablet for all of its students.

"Students learn differently now because of the technology," said Kathy Halbig, innovative learning manager for the Lake school district who is overseeing the project. "Students are used to having multiple sources and being able to have more social collaboration in their learning process rather than just doing it sitting quietly and reading." "Rather than have a child have five tools on his or her desk they've got one tool that will function as the textbook, the Slate, the Internet access, note taker, calendar," she said.

The school has invested around $700,000 buying up 1750 iPads for its students. Teachers are already planning lessons using the iPad as the focal point complete with selected educational apps. The school believes that it will save them money in the long term.

The iPads will be locked down to prevent students installing apps that are not appropriate to the school learning process. Each iPad will also be supplied with a rugged case to protect it from everyday school life.

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