Foldify updated with coloring book mode and more

Foldify by Pixle, one of the more clever recent iPad apps, has updated to version 1.2. When Foldify originally launched, you could pick one of several paper cutout forms, draw whatever you wanted onto them, print them out, and make little paper figures/toys out of them. It was and is delightful! (I made the HULK!) But...

Leanna pointed out that for people who didn't spend their childhood drawing comics or otherwise making with the art, it could be a little intimidating. She wanted templates with existing images she could color in. Well, Pixle listened, and now Foldify 1.2 includes 8 Coloring Book templates.

There are also assorted bug fixes, performance enhancements, and work around along for the ride. If you haven't tried Foldify yet, it's an amazing amount of iPad-meets-real-world fun, so check it out. If you have, grab the update now.

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