If you're new to the iPhone, iPad, or Apple, if you just discovered iMore, or if you've only begun signing up for Twitter, app.net (ADN), Facebook, or Google+, then you may not be aware of the wonderful confluence that brings them all together -- you can follow iMore right on your favorite social networks!

And as a bittersweet aside to those who have been following iMore for a while, our own Georgia has finally changed her Twitter handle from @GeorgiaTiPb to @Georgia_Prime. It's been just over a year since our site name changed from TiPb to iMore, so it made sense, but it was still a little sad to see that remnant fade away.

But that was then and this is now, and if you haven't followed iMore or your favorite writers yet, now's the time to do it. Don't forget to leave your Twitter, ADN, Google+, Instagram, and other links in the comments either, we'd love to know where to find you as well!