Ford has created a password management app for iPhone that implements Bluetooth technology to wirelessly manage passwords, and automatically log you in when within range of your computer.

Ford and many other car manufacturers have long used NFC technology to allow drivers to get into their cars without having to bother with a key. Ford is now bringing a simliar technology to mobile devices and computer browsers with their Ford Keyfree system. We're not exactly sure how this promotes their keyless car entry but it's definitely ingenious.

Ford Keyfree will function as a Chrome browser extension that will save your Facebook, Google, and Twitter passwords. When you're within range of your computer with an approved smartphone like the iPhone, it will unlock all your sites and auto-fill passwords. This means no more manually entering passwords.

Of course there are apps that store passwords and create generated ones like DataVault and 1Password but Keysfree seems to take it one step further. You won't actually have to enter any information. If your iPhone is within range of your computer and you've got the extension installed, you can just navigate wherever you'd like to go and you'll be signed in and ready to work. Your iPhone will server as the unique ID since Bluetooth technology can offer individual identifiers on a per-device basis.

This has to make many wonder what Ford could possibly be planning to do with this technology when it comes to computers and automotive. It'd be silly for this not to have something to do with any of their main product line at some point in time.

For now the app is only available in France but you can check out the demo video below to see how the system actually works.

Source: Co.Design