Forget gold, would you want your next iPhone to come in wood veneer? Or other, customizable colors?

While the iPhone 5s is rumored to be coming in 3 colors this September, including gold along with a less-expensive iPhone 5c is rumored in red, green, blue, yellow, and white, the newest phone from Google's Motorola subsidiary takes color two steps further. Phil Nickinson from Android Central, in his usual bad ass fashion, has done a complete Moto X review, but he's also gone into its customization system, Moto Maker. First, the phone:

Motorola's got an extremely capable phone on its hands with the Moto X. Save for a ho-hum camera, we've very much enjoyed it. It feels great, it looks great. What software has been added on by Motorola is mostly very helpful. It'll be available on every major U.S. carrier, and a regional or two as well. Custom designs being locked into AT&T are disappointing, but having to wait for the exclusive to lift should mean more designs will be available when it does.

Next, the body work:

I kinda love the wood. If it came in gold and wood, it'd look exactly like the panelling in my friend's father's old station wagon I remember so fondly from childhood.

The idea of choosing the design treatment from back to front to accent is exciting. Dell, and others, including case makers, have tried it in the past, but phones are more personal and increasingly more fashion oriented. Apple probably can't do this any time soon - spitting out tens of millions of the same phone demands economies of scale that oppose heavy customization. But would you want it if you could have it, or do you prefer Apple's preset color choices?

Source: Moto X review, Moto Maker