Before the opening of the first Apple Retail Stores, Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with how the stores were designed, saying that they should focus on activities that people use their devices for, not the products themselves, according to Inc. Magazine:

"We've organized it like a retail store around products, but if Apple's going to organize around activities like music and movies, well, the store should be organized around music and movies and things you do,'" Johnson confessed. Jobs turned to him and said, "Do you know how big a change that is? I don't have time to redesign the store." Ten minutes later, Jobs walked into the meeting and said, "Well, Ron thinks our store is all wrong. And he's right, so I'm going to leave now. And Ron, you work with the team and design the store."

Johnson said that the experience taught him not to fear starting over, because being first is not as important as making the best product or experience that you can. John served as head of Apple retail from 2000 to 2011. He was first replaced by John Browett, and the post is currently held by Angela Ahrendts.

Source: Inc. Magazine