Former Star Wars audio company THX sues Apple over speakers

THX, the audio company founded by George Lucas to ensure the audio quality of the Star Wars films, has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple for the speakers used on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Independent since 2001, THX holds a 2008 patent for a sound-boosting speaker. Karen Gullo & Joel Rosenblatt of Bloomberg report:

Apple products that incorporate the speaker units infringe the THX patent, causing the company “monetary damage and irreparable harm,” according to the lawsuit. The complaint seeks a court order to stop the alleged infringement and a reasonable royalty, or damages to compensate THX for lost profit.

The suit was filed in San Jose, California and seems to target the speakers Apple has employed along the thin bottom edges of their mobile and all-in-one Mac devices. And... that's about all there is to report right now.

Apple gets hit with lawsuits all the time, and this one will probably get more attention than other, similarly sizes suits because, Star Wars headlines.

Other than that, the story probably won't be unusual -- money will change hands either in a settlement before trial or as a result of verdict after long, oft-appealed court battles.

If and when a deal is reached, or Bobba Fett shows up, we'll update.

Source: Bloomberg