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The Lie Detector App claims that it can detect when a person is lying, 100% of the time I was unsuccessful in getting the app to work. When you open the app it tells you to input a few things about the person that is being questioned. And in the last blank, you enter the question you want to see if the person is lying about.

Once you hit “Save,” the app will ask the person that they should be truthful about, as it is supposed to calibrate the application for the one final question being asked.

I must say I do like the graphics in the application, and the sound meter seems to move adequately when speaking into the mic. However, every time I told the truth, I got this screen:

…and every time I was lying, I got:

Needless to say I haven’t got this app to work at all. I tried it on a friend and it worked 1 in 5 tries…after all I would have expected more…it’s a 50/50 chance…

I give it 1 star for graphics.

For $2.99 this is CrApp


  • Um…graphics?


  • Doesn’t work

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