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It's that time again -- time for us to pick out some of the hot topics on TiPb's forums. In order for you to reply to any of the following threads please be sure to register. It's a painless process, we promise!

Today's first thread is from forum member Ghecko. There is no arguing that, if you're coming from a physical keyboard on your old BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device, the touch screen on the iPhone can be a bit tricky for some and chances are you will end up with a lot of typos in your SMS messages and emails. With that being said, what are your most common typos you make on your iPhone? If you are indeed having a hard time adjusting to the touch screen - stick with it. You'll be a pro in no time!

This next thread is a question that I actually hear quite a bit when new software or firmware is released for devices - Tramain wants to know will you update to iPhone OS 3.0 as soon as it is released or will you wait to see how it goes for others? Personally, as soon as new software is available to me, I will not hesitate to update but I can understand how some people may want to wait a few days to see if any users are running into any major errors. So waiting is not always a bad idea. Thoughts?

Next up we have a thread started by none other than our very own beloved editor, Rene, and he wants to know your thoughts about MobileMe 2.0 at WWDC. Will we see Phil Schiller drop some awesome new MobileMe features during the keynote? Only time will really tell but we all can dream can't we?

Our last thread of the day is simple - tell us your worst customer service experience you've had with Apple, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc... Almost every single one of us has had our fair share of horrible customer service experiences, let us know about them!

See you on the forums!