From the Forums

It's time again for another From the Forums post, today we have a few good poll threads for our forum members to participate in. Not a member you say? Well all you have to do is register right here for free! After you take a care of that, check out the following threads!

Another image, floating around the internet this past week, shows the iPhone 3G plastic back casing next to the rumored 3rd generation's matte casing . So this thread is pretty basic, Matte or Shine? So far the matte finish has a comfortable lead in the poll. What's your vote?

Today's second thread contains a couple images of the rumored next generation iPhone's auto-focus camera, compass, etc... in action. Again this thread contains a poll - are the images fake or are they legitimate? You be the judge!

Next up we asked the question that pretty much all Apple fans have been asking, will Steve Jobs be attending WWDC in any way, shape, or form? As long Mr. Jobs is healthy and feeling up to it, TiPb sure hopes to see him make an appearance. What are your thoughts?

For our last poll of the day Rene asks who wants a glowing Apple logo on the next generation iPhone?! We are thinking this one will be split pretty much 50/50. At first I was against the thought of this but have since changed my mind. If used properly it could come in handy. What do you think?

See you on the forums!