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Forum regular, Duvi, started an interesting poll recently, does anyone believe there will be more than one iPhone next year? My personal feeling is we will be seeing a similar situation as we did this past June 19th. One new iPhone with the 3GS possibly sticking around at a lower price. Thoughts?

This next thread was started by yet another forum regular, cjvitek, who wants to know how many of you actually use the spotlight search feature? Personally I've found the more apps and music I put on my 32GB 3GS, the more I find myself using the Spotlight Search. How about you?

Clg82 started an excellent thread for those of you who are looking for all of the Push Notification applications available in Apple's App Store! Be sure to check this thread out for the latest apps that push. Don't see one listed? Feel free to add it to the list!

With over a million new iPhones sold recently, most of you probably are in need of some sort of help and/or basic tips to get the most out of your new iPhones. Well TiPb has got just the place for you. Have a question? Look here: iPhone Help. Search here for help and If your search comes up empty feel free to post a question in your own thread. You'll have an answer in no time!

Bonus poll thread! A war of words seems to be brewing between the Dev Team and George Hotz over the two jailbreak Now that the Dev Team released their jailbreak solution (redsn0w) after purplera1n, which piece of software do you prefer - redsn0w or purplera1n?

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