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So you say you are currently running the iPhone 3.0 software and you decided to jailbreak. Well TiPb needs your help on this one, we need to know what you're current favorite iPhone 3.0 compatible jailbreak applications are. Thanks for the help in advance!

This thread was started by Jason McConnell, and Jason wants to know how just how warm does your iPhone get? Seems as if his is getting so hot that he can not even hold the phone up to his ear to make a call. Our advice to anyone who has had this issue, perform a restore and if the problem persists make an appointment at your local Apple store to get your phone exchanged for a new one. Anyone else having overheating issues?

It's no secret that most of you visiting TiPb have purchased Apple's latest and greatest, iPhone 3GS. Well one of the nicest updates to the iPhone is the update to the camera. Stop by the thread, iPhone 3GS Photos, and you guessed it - post some of your best photos you've taken!

Last up for today we have a great battery tips thread. So many people out there have questions regarding battery life, charging, care, etc... the list goes on. This is your one stop thread to get all the information you possibly can regarding your iPhones battery.

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