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The first thread for today was created by anjo and he wants to know - will Apple release a new iPhone in 2010? Now while some of us may already know the answer to this question, this thread has turned into a very detailed account on what exactly what you the consumers are looking for in the next generation of iPhone. Apple are you listening?

Next we have an excellent new poll thread that was just started by our very own forum reviewer, cjvitek - Do you use a bluetooth headset? Swing by this thread and let Chris know how you feel about bluetooth headsets in general and if you do use them, share with everyone which headset you prefer and why.

Here we have a thread from iPheuria and he poses the question regarding your data usage and do you really need carrier supplied data on your iPhone? Most of us here at TiPb feel that a good data connection is necessary to get the full potential out of Apple's iPhone but what do you think?

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