The forums are seeing a lot of action as of late and today is more of the same!

The rumor mills are just getting started about the next generation iPhone and you can expect that to increase by the day. Knowing that a new Apple phone is only 5-6 months away, will you be purchasing the next iPhone? Be sure to get your vote in and let us know why or why not!

The next thread comes to us from TiPb's very own Rene Ritchie. He wants to know what podcasts are currently on your iPhone? I'm sure every single one of our readers already subscribed to iPhone Different and iPhone Live... right? ;)

Usually the main question from someone who is looking into buying an iPhone is battery life. No different here, jstac wants to know about the iPhone 3G's battery life. My answer is simple -- all depends on how you use the device. It can be good and it can be bad.

Another question that gets asked a lot about the iPhone 3G is it's build quality. While I personally have had no issues with mine since July 11th, other people have not been so lucky. How about you? Be sure to check out this ongoing thread on the build quality of the iPhone 3G.

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