The TiPb forums continue to grow and more and more good threads are popping up. Here are some of the latest from the forums today!

Most of you purchased an iPhone 3G for the 3G service alone correct? Well how fast or slow has your 3G data been for you? For all of us here data has been nothing short of spectacular, while some of our readers have not had such luck. How about you?

Now I know this next thread has been featured in the past on the front page but... more and more people keep asking about battery life. There is not a better thread on our forums than this one right here: Battery Life. So if you are wondering about the battery or simply want some good battery saving tips, do not hesitate to check that thread out!

This next thread was started by forum member, Exbbuser. You have to love all the Ex-CrackBerry users that we have gotten the past few months but that's another thread. ;) This thread is straight forward, what are your top 5 must have legit App Store apps?

The final thread for today comes to us from forum reviewer, msbaylor, iPhone Ringtones. This thread is simply for posting ringtones that you use with your iPhone to share with all of the forum members. Keep in mind the ringtones must be posted in the .m4r file format only and you must have a minimum post count of 10 to be able to attach files.

So what are you waiting for? Get in on some forum action! Start by registering, it's free and easy to do.

See you on the forums!