From the Forums

Once again it is time for another From the Forums. A weekly post in which TiPb takes some of the many good threads from our forums to put into the spotlight. To join in on the forum action be sure to register, it's a painless process - we promise.

If you are like me, you are sick and tired of hearing rumors about an iPhone coming to Verizon. Well here is yet another rumor that started in the Crackberry forums that has now found it's way onto our forums thanks to Duvi - iPhone on Verizon Soon? Now I can't speak for everyone here at TiPb but I can honestly say I do not see this happening anytime in the near future. Thoughts?

This next thread started by KaiZeRKhan, is actually a question that I get asked quite a bit - Do you ever get bored of your iPhone? I've had a ton of phones along with my iPhone and the reason the others always end up sold is that I get bored with them, not the iPhone. How about you?

The last thread for today, is one that has recently been spotlighted here before. We figured with WWDC approaching fast why not toss it in here one more time - Will Apple reveal the new iPhone at WWDC? Did I mention this one has a poll and so far it's 38-14 in favor of yes, we will see the new iPhone introduced at WWDC.

See you on the forums!