Well now we all know what to expect with iPhone 3.0... Rene has even been so kind to lay out a complete feature list for all of you to enjoy.

Is iPhone 3.0 it what you expected? Happy? Not so happy? In either case be sure to stop by in this thread and let us know what you think!

This next iPhone 3.0 related thread is started by my good forum friend Dizzy, he brings up a good question: After the announcement of iPhone 3.0 today do you think Apple will release 3rd gen iPhone in 2009? I'm with Dieter on this one and going with no, we will not see major hardware changes this year. We could be wrong, but I just don't see anything major coming this summer in terms of hardware.

[Oh, it's on: I expect to see new hardware, iPhone 2,1, in June at WWDC! - Rene]

This last 3.0 thread has to do with release date. We all know it will be available this summer. But when exactly? Vote in this poll on when you feel the software will be ready to roll out to the public!

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