It's that time again where TiPb selects some of the hottest topics on the forums and spotlights them right here. In order for you to reply to any of the following threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is a painless process that will only take a few minutes of your time, so if you haven’t already, head on over and register now.

First thread for today revolves around iPhone hardware and how well it's held up for you. So how is your iPhone hardware? Did you get a device that is pretty much perfect or are you one of the unlucky people who got a lemon? So far the majority of forum members are very happy with their defect-free iPhones. Cast your vote now!

Next up we have forum member, rrrl17, posing an interesting question - what do you think about Apple adding a extra button on iPhone? My personal opinion is if it is not broke, don't fix it. What are you thoughts on this one?

So you say the ringtones that comes preloaded on iPhone just don't cut it for you. Well if you are in need of a certain ringtone and can't seem to find it - check out the following thread started by Live Free, Ringtone Requests. This is the perfect place to get that hard to find ringtone that you've been searching for.

Today's final thread is very straight forward - what is your favorite Twitter application? You have a ton of them to choose from. Anything from Tweetie, Twitterriffic, Twitbit, Tweetdeck, etc... the list goes on and on. What's your favorite?

See you on the forums!