Foursquare comes to iPad with travel recommendations and more

Foursquare has updated to version 8.5, and is now available for iPad. In addition to bringing Foursquare's local search to the iPad's big screen, the app also helps you plan a trip with its new travel recommendations.

Foursquare makes use of the iPad's increased real estate to make navigating the app much easier. You can quickly access your saved places and other lists by selecting the tab on the bottom of the screen. Instead of confining the places near you to their own section, search and places near you are now part of Foursquare's home screen.

Travel recommendations appear at the top of the screen. By default, Foursquare will display restaurants, shopping, and sights near you. You'll also see a couple of potential travel destinations to choose from. Tap Get More Travel Ideas to see more, and if you don't find the area you wanted, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to search for more.

Foursquare 8.5 is rolling out on the App Store now.

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