Iphone 6

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, who stated earlier this week his office in Arizona would stop issuing iPhones to its employees a result of the company's current legal dispute with the FBI, tried to defend his decision in a interview on Fox News.

Fox and Friends Weekend anchor Clayton Morris asked Montgomery which phone operating system he would use, since both Google and Microsoft have also come out publically in support of Apple's decision not to create a way to circumvent the iPhone's security for the FBI. Montgomery responded by saying if that is the case, it should give the U.S. Congress the motivation to "reset everything back to where it was" ... whatever that means.

Morris tried to push the point that many iPhone owners don't want the federal government to have access to their iPhone. Montgomery responded by saying he has more faith in the U.S. Constitution to protect a person's privacy rather than "some benevolent corporate CEO who thinks he's the privacy messiah."

FBI vs. Apple