Fox News, which originally predicted a media-focused Jan. 26 event, is back to say Apple's now-Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" will focus on the iTablet, iPhone 4.0 operating system (no hardware), and iLife 2010.

iTablet/iSlate/iWhatever makes the kind of sense that does. The hype is so loud you can hear it in space. What it is remains a mystery, but if Apple wasn't going to show it off, we'd expect a leak or PR blurb hinting they weren't to shape expectations.

iPhone 4.0 we would have expected to see in March like iPhone 2.0 and iPhone 3.0, but showing it off in January like iPhone 1.0 could give developers more time to make their apps iTablet -- and/or iPhone HD -- compatible. Likewise, if there are any other major changes/enhancements under the covers.

iLife 2010 is a bit of a mystery. We've heard iWork 2010 might be going multitouch for the iTablet (and hoped for the iPhone as well), but all we've heard about iLife is that iDVD might become an iTunes LP/iTunes Extras development interface (DVDs being passe in the Apple-verse, of course). Could they also go multitouch?

So, nothing we didn't expect, but a lot more to get us excited. What do you want most?

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