I'm sure you have all heard the old saying, "never let facts get in the way of a good story", well Fox News has certainly done just that. During a report by Fox Five which is aired in New York, a reporter was telling the story of how lines were already forming outside of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in anticipation of the iPhone 5 launch. Fox Five then inexplicably cut to a video showing an ultra-thin device which was actually a concept done way back in August 2011 and nothing like the iPhone 5 that we all saw announced last week. The report then goes on to explain some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and again they are all amazingly incorrect.

"Staring at $200, the iPhone 5 is sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images and other cool new features."

The laser keyboard is again from the same concept video as the ultra thin iPhone and the holographic display ability just beggars belief. I really can't understand why a news network like Fox can't carry out some simple research on a product prior to reporting on it to a huge audience. All they had to do was read our fantastic iPhone 5 everything you need to know post and they wouldn't be looking quite so silly this morning!

You can see the news report from Fox in the video above, the misinformation starts to pour out around the 42 second mark, sit back, relax and laugh loudly!

Source: YouTube via 9to5Mac