Foxconn, Apple's primary device manufacturing partner, is reportedly scouting locations in India for a factory focused on Apple devices. This would be an expansion of Foxconn operations, and would allow the company to base their manufacturing sites in more places where devices are sold. Manufacturing in India could allow the cost of iPhones to drop slightly for that country, according to Reuters:

Foxconn Technology is in talks to manufacture Apple's iPhone in India, government officials said, in a move that could lower prices in the world's No.3 smartphone market where the U.S. firm trails Samsung Electronics and local players.

Foxconn previously manufactured phones in India for Nokia, but closed down operations after the company was sold to Microsoft. Foxconn's first factory in the country would apparently not only be focused on production for India, but would ship products around the world.

Currently, Apple holds about 10% of the Indian smartphone market, behind the likes of Samsung, as well as local companies. That said, Apple has been doing better in the country, posting a record quarter in India at the end of 2014.

Source: Reuters