Free App of the Week: Add 3D objects to your photos with Matter

The weekly App Store refresh has arrived, bringing us yet another free app of the week. This week, spice up your photos with interesting 3D objects with Matter.

The idea behind Matter is pretty simple. You load up an image into the app, where you can then add various 3D objects and structures to them. Once you've selected a shape or structure from one of the app's four packs, you'll then be able to tweak different aspects of the object, including its shadow, translucency, opacity, and much more.

One of the cooler aspects of Matter is that you can create video loops with your image by making the added 3D object spin, pulse, and otherwise move around. Additionally, Matter was recently updated with a feature that allows you to add music to your video loops and make the object move to the beat.

Matter will be free on the App Store through August 13, so if you're interested in finally making your own fake UFO sighting a reality, hit up the link below to get started.

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