Free App of the Week: Battle your way to glory in Combo Quest

The end of the week is upon us, which means it's time for another free app of the week on the App Store. This week, battle your way through an epic action RPG adventure with Combo Quest.

Combo Quest puts players in the shoes of a lone knight embarking on a quest to retrieve a relic known as the Combo Crown. The journey isn't easy, however, as the Combo Crown is in the hands of a menacing dragon. On your journey, you'll combat your way through endless enemies using a tim-tap battle method, going up against tough bosses along the way. Moreover, you'll be able to upgrade your hero as you go with points in damage, health, and combo damage, as well as visual flair. Here's a bit more of what you can expect from Combo Quest:

  • Unique time-tap action that's easy to learn yet difficult to master
  • Endless gameplay – the only limit is your skill
  • Check points after each boss with ability to continue or restart
  • Ride into battle with one of three steeds, including the Brown, Armored, and Golden Steed. Each rewards you with an HP bonus
  • Localization into French, Italian, German, and Spanish for our fans around the world
  • Visual upgrades – see your character progress as you become a gold-armored knight
  • Powerful boss enemies with their own unique attacks and strategies
  • Exciting sound track that will have you feeling like a hero
  • Four beautiful seasons, and infinite years, as the quest never ends
  • Leaderboard for Enemies Slain & Highest Combo; numerous challenging Achievements to unlock

Combo Quest will be free on the App Store through October 8, so hit up the link below to battle your way to glory.

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