Pull My Tongue, literally a game where you pull a lizard's tongue to solve puzzles, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

Free App of the Week: Collect popcorn and stars in Pull My Tongue

For those unfamiliar with the aptly named title, Pull My Tongue is similar to many other on-the-go time killers in that it's incredibly simple to pick up, but offers some decent challenge as you work your way through the game's levels.

To play the game, you simply pull and stretch the tongue of a chameleon named Greg to pick up flashy stars and pieces of popcorn. However, as the the levels wear on, you'll have to route Greg's tongue around more and more obstacles to pick up the treasures you desire.

It's a silly concept, to be sure, but one that could be fun for killing a spare minute or two every now and again. If you're interested in checking out Pull My Tongue, you can grab the game for free on the App Store through May 26 at the link below.

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