Free App of the Week: Escape an ever-contracting maze in Super Hexagon

The end of the week is nigh upon us, so it's time for another free app of the week on the App Store. This week, take on a fast-paced geometric maze in Super Hexagon.

Super Hexagon is a type of maze game, but unlike what you'd normally associate with the name. There's no real movement involved on the player's part, other than turning an arrow around a hexagon at the center of the screen. The goal is to turn the arrow as colored bars move towards the center of the screen, looking for an opening the whole time. Touch one of the moving bars, and it's immediate game over.

Though it sounds relatively simple, Super Hexagon is anything but easy. The gameplay is fast paced, and requires incredibly quick reaction times to avoid the incoming bars from the 6 sections of the hexagon. Adding to the frenzy is the intense chiptune music that accompanies the game. Oh, and the lowest difficulty setting is appropriately "Hard."

Super Hexagon isn't for those that get frustrated easily. But if you're up for a challenge, the game can be had for free at the App Store link below through January 14.

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