Octagon, an arcade-style game where you frantically race through an 8-sided tunnel, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

Free App of the Week: Frantically dash through an 8-sided tunnel in Octagon

In Octagon, you'll find yourself pitted in an 8-sided tunnel as the floor races underneath you. Rather than simply enjoying a quiet ride, however, you'll have to swipe your way left and right around each side in order to about obstacles that come towards you. The gameplay is simple, but the challenge ramps up as the levels wear on.

Here's some more of what you can expect from Octagon:

  • Classic, Endless and NEW Daily mode
  • Unlimited number of randomly generated levels
  • Dynamic procedural graphics with a minimalistic iOS7 look
  • Original soundtrack by Sqeepo
  • Universal App with iCloud syncing
  • Pure challenge with no in-app purchases or cheats

Interested? If so, you can check out Octagon by downloading it for free through June 2 at the App Store link below.

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