Free App of the Week: Let your kids explore the world of Dr. Panda's Mailman

The weekly App Store refresh has arrived, bringing us yet another free app of the week. This week is one for the kids with Dr. Panda's Mailman.

In Dr. Panda's Mailman, kids can take the reigns of being the mailman for a number of different animal friends. The game places the player in the shoes of a panda mailman as they drive a scooter through forests and over mountains to get the mail to their furry friends. There's no end-point to the game, so it's a bit of a sandbox that lets kids explore, perform tricks, and create a narrative of their own for the cuddly mailman.

Here's a breakdown of some more of what you can expect from Dr. Panda's Mailman:

  • 4 big areas to discover—Mountain, Village, Forest and Fields
  • Over 10 animals, all with unique behaviors, habits and schedules!
  • Tons of interactive events- push boxes into a roaring river, make ducks fly away as you drive towards them, do tricks over ramps and more!
  • Paint your own postcards and make your own packages!
  • No rules, points or timers! Explore however you'd like, go off the beaten path and explore!
  • A huge world with no load times!
  • No in-app purchases
  • No third party ads

Dr. Panda's Mailman will be available for free on the App Store through October 29, so hit up that link below to check it out.

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