Free App of the Week: Place yourself inside goofy illustrations with Chomp

Chomp, a fun app in which kids can paste their faces on fun illustrations, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

Geared towards children, Chomp is an interactive experience through which kids can insert themselves into fun (and often goofy) animated illustrations. There are a ton of hand-drawn animations to explore, each with its own accompanying music. On top of that, each session can be recorded in case something especially funny happens.

Here's a rundown of everything you can expect from Chomp:

  • Hand drawn animations made with love and care.
  • Over 50 hand-drawn scenes with countless funny animations.
  • Fun for all ages.
  • No language knowledge needed. The app is text-free.
  • No in-app purchases, invasive advertising, or data mining.
  • Record play sessions with integrated video recording.

If you're interested in giving Chomp a look, you can grab it for free at the App Store link below through April 7.

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