Camera Plus, an excellent option for capturing your very best shots, is this week's free app of the week on the App Store.

Free App of the Week: Snap perfect photos with Camera Plus

As you might guess by the name, Camera Plus is a handy alternative to the default camera app on your iPhone that just happens to pack some fantastic extras. Perhaps the coolest feature tagging along in Camera Plus is called AirSnap. Essentially, AirSnap works as a remote control, allowing you to use one iPhone or iPad to wirelessly capture photos with another iOS device. AirSnap will even let you remotely capture photos using your Apple Watch.

Camera Plus also features a nifty macro mode that can help you capture detailed close-ups, along with a "focus shift" mode that lets you easily change your focus subject while recording video. Here's a look at more of what you can expect from Camera Plus:

  • LUMY – A slider for instant brightness control for photos and videos
  • HDR & PHOTO FILTERS – Beautiful array of filters for memorable pics
  • PHOTO CAPTIONS – Apply text on photos in a variety of fonts and colors
  • 'PIX'D – One touch auto photo enhancement
  • EASY IMAGE EDITING – Adjust the Color, Temp. etc. to make images perfect
  • PRIVATE FOLDER – Lock photos and videos away from prying eyes

If you'd like to give Camera Plus a shot, you can nab the app for free on the App Store through May 12.

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