Free App of the Week: Survive the onslaught of Slayin

Taking some of its cues from endless runners, Slayin is an endless action RPG. Each level is a small, confined space into which enemies pour. Charge at them with your sword to destroy them, but be careful, because if they touch you, you'll be injured. After you destroy the rest of the enemies in the level, you'll encounter a boss monster.

Slayin uses an 8-bit art style, and the controls are reminiscent of a classic gamepad. There are three game modes to play through, and multiple characters to choose, most of which you can unlock with Fame Points, which can be found in the game's tavern as an in-app purchase.

You can grab Slayin for free from the App Store from now until June 18.

Download Slayin free from the App Store now

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