Dear God, is it Friday already? I forgot to pay the rent. Before my landlord sends his goons to collect the check or break my kneecaps, here are a few submissions for you pixel hungry piranhas to enjoy on this eve of summer's blowout. You're welcome.

I'm heading out this weekend to the biggest spectacle in classic car exhibition at the Kruse Auction park, part of the annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival in Auburn Indiana. It's a huge event that draws thousands of collectors and spectators, including celebrities.

I once collided into Jay Leno scoping out a cherry red 68 Mustang convertible. The klutz spilled his drink all over the car's irreplaceable upholstery, then made a quick getaway, leaving me to assume the blame and foot the bill. Damn you Leno! I got a $700 invoice for reproduction seat vinyl with your name on it!

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