Free Your Tea Subscription Box review: Tailored to your preferences

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Bottom line: Free Your Tea Subscription Box uses your own preferences and ratings to choose the best teas for you.


  • +

    Six samples to try in the first box

  • +

    Your preferences and ratings are used to choose future teas

  • +

    Delicious loose leaf teas

  • +

    Disposable filter bags included in the first box

  • +

    Pay monthly or save money by prepaying


  • -

    A month's worth of just one tea (plus one random sample) in subsequent boxes

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The Free Your Tea Subscription Box is a great way to experiment with different teas. Each month after receiving your tea, you enter your feedback on Free Your Tea's website. Based on your feedback, Free Your Tea will choose the teas they think you will like the most.

Rate your tea

Free Your Tea Subscription Box: Features

Free Your Tea Subscription Box

Free Your Tea Subscription Box (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

The Free Your Tea Subscription Box is a monthly recurring subscription box of loose leaf tea. The initial box ships with six sample-sized envelopes of different teas. You can choose to receive the general box, or you can choose a totally caffiene-free option.

Each envelope contains enough tea for roughly three to six cups of tea, depending on how strongly you brew it. Each envelope has tasting notes and specific brewing instructions for that tea. Additionally, there are cards in the box with instructions for cold brew iced tea (though I suspect that's a summer thing) and instructions for rating your teas in order to tailor your future boxes. All of their teas are selected to be delicious either hot and iced. I tried all of them both ways and found that to be true.

As you taste each of your sample teas, you go to Free Your Tea's website (via a QR code on a card that comes in your box) and rate each tea. You'll also share your general tea preferences. Free Your Tea will synthesize that information to come up with what they think will be the perfect tea for you. Your second monthly subscription box will be a month's worth (enough for roughly 30 cups) of tea, selected just for you. In addition, you'll get a small free sample that has nothing to do with your preferences or ratings, just a tea that Free Your Tea believes everyone should try. A little nudge outside your comfort zone doesn't hurt, and perhaps you'll find a new tea to love.

I really like that Free Your Tea has such a great system in place for finding the teas that YOU will like.

Each month, you'll continue to rate the teas you receive, and each month Free Your Tea will have more and more data to use in order to send you teas you're most likely to love. Because the tea is loose, you'll need an infuser or strainer to brew your tea. The initial subscription box comes with disposible paper strainers, but if you're getting into loose leaf tea, it's not a bad idea to buy a reusable infuser or strainer.

I received the initial sampler box, which included: Green Rooibos (herbal), Lemon Chamomile (herbal), Da Hong Pao (oolong), Ginger Peach Black, Morroccan Mint #3 (green tea), and Tippy Yunnan (orange pekoe). The Green Rooibos was described as grassy, and that was exactly how it tasted, in a good way. Both of the unflavored black teas, Da Hong Pao and Tippy Yunnan, just tasted like black tea to me. Plain black tea is not my favorite type of tea but these certainly were a good version of it. I made a pitcher of cold brew for my husband (who isn't used to such fancy tea) and he kept remarking how delicious it was. The Lemon Chamomile was better than I expected, given that I'm not a chamomile fan. I had high hopes for the Morroccan Mint #3 because I adore mint tea, but I struggled to taste the mint in this one. It didn't taste bad at all, just not minty. My favorite of the box was the Ginger Peach Black tea. I wasn't sure what to expect, becuase I love peach tea but I don't particularly like ginger in my tea. But this blend was simply delicious.

Take my tasting notes with a grain of salt. Tea preferences are highly personal, which is exactly the point of Free Your Tea! You might dislike what I love and vice versa, which is why it's so great that you let them know your preferences, and you rate each tea that you try.

Tailored to your tastes

Free Your Tea Subscription Box: What I like

I really like that Free Your Tea has such a great system in place for finding the teas that YOU will like. They do solicit your preferences from the beginning, but they don't stop there. Not all of the teas I received tasted as I expected. That's why I appreciate that they solicit your ratings of each tea they send you, so they can get a sense of what you'll truly love. I also like that they send a sample of something having nothing to do with your preferences each month. You never know, maybe you'll discover a new love.

Free Your Tea Subscription Box

Free Your Tea Subscription Box (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

One big tea

Free Your Tea Subscription Box: What I don't like

I like drinking different teas all of the time, even over the course of the day and week. The initial six-tea sample box was great for that, but after the first box, you get just one big bag of tea for the month plus a small sample. Even if I love that big bag of tea, and even with the extra little sample, I still like to rotate my teas. Other people don't feel that way, but that's me. This subscription box is so tailored, why not also give the option to received one big bag or several smaller ones?


Free Your Tea Subscription Box: Bottom line

Free Your Tea Subscription Box is a monthly subscription that auto-renews until you cancel it. The first box contains six different teas (either a variety or all caffiene-free) for you to try, plus disposible paper tea strainers. You let Free Your Tea know your preferences at the start, and then you rate each tea as you try it. Free Your Tea will then select a tea they are confident you'll love, based on your feedback, and your second box will contain a month's worth of that tea. It will also contain a small sample of a different tea, unrelated to your ratings. You continue rating teas, and Free Your Tea will continue refining their selections for you.

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