French Designer Philippe Starck claims that he has been working on a revolutionary new product with Apple and it will be unveiled in around eight months time. The comments were made to French newspaper Le Figaro and France-Info radio.

"Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months," said the designer in the show "Everything and its opposite." Invoking the "religious cult of secrecy" of the California firm, he declined further detail, except to talk about a project "quite revolutionary. (French translation)

Mr Starck did not reveal any details on what the project was but that will not stop Apple being slightly irritated by these loose comments. Apple never discusses any aspects of new products and this leak will only encourage huge levels of speculation  that the project must be the often rumored Apple HD TV or Apple camera or Apple espresso machine or just another fancy iPod speaker system; which Philippe Starck already sells in the Apple Store.

Either way, we expect some terse phone calls from Cupertino to be hitting Starck's line any time now...

Update: According to Sebastian Page of iDownloadblog, it's an Apple Store design.

According to a trustworthy source in France, Philippe Starck is actually working on a design for a future Apple Store. I wasn’t able to get more details out of my contact, but I do trust her. And from what I hear, this is hardly a secret in the small French world of design and architecture.

Hit the source link below for more.

Update 2: Apple has issued a statement that they aren't working with Starck on anything at all. He might still be making a yacht that Steve Jobs had commissioned prior to his death.

Source: Hardmac via 9to5 Mac; Image: Wikipedia, iDownloadblog