Fresco News app brings crowdsourced journalism to Apple TV

Fresco News, an app that crowdsources news footage by allowing citizen journalists to upload and share their photos videos of current events around the globe, has officially launched an Apple TV app. With the app, users can check out first-hand accounts of events around the world on the big screen through their Apple TV.

Once uploaded, the Fresco staff curates the video content, which is separated into three sections in the Apple TV app: Video, Highlights and Stories. The Videos section simply displays recently shared videos of events that are currently going on. The Highlights tab will allow you to quickly parse through photos and videos for recent events to catch up. Finally, the Stories section displays organized collections of submissions for specific events.

If you're interested in checking out the new Fresco app for Apple TV, you can grab it now through the Apple TV App Store. And if you're interested in contributing, and possibly being compensated for your work, you can grab the Fresco app for iPhone from the App Store link below.

Source: Fresco

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