You're the world champion, but some old-school commentators keep talking like maybe you're yesterday's news. They say you haven't faced any real challengers lately, that you're getting soft. They say that some new device is looking hungry.

But here's the thing: you know you've still got it. You know it and you want to prove it. You want to fight. You want to fight now!

But the challenger just ain't showing up. And worse, they ain't even saying when they will finally show up. Makes you so riled you just want to SCREAM!

That's the emotion TiPb's Rene tapped into to help out editor-in-chief Dieter, and our siblings over at, video up a little demandment for Palm.

Release the release date. The Palm faithful want it to show what it can do, and dagnabit, we want to see what it can do. Bring it on!

Eye of the Jobs, baby!