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Verizon is lowering their data rates for feature phones in preparation for competition with the iPhone. Expect a snarky comment from Dieter on this one. Unfortunately, their smartphone data rates are still sky-high. And, you can add a Canadian roaming plan for just $20. The Phone they're thinking about using to "compete" with the iPhone is the Samsung F700, though they might re-brand it as the U940. That's some "brilliant marketing." I don't usually report on "iPhone killers," but I'm glad to see the iPhone forcing prices down for everybody.

Itunes Alt Display

Rumors from AppleInsider indicate that iTunes 7.5 will be coming out in the next couple of weeks. This probably means that any iPhone updates with post-Leopard goodness require an iTunes update. This iTunes update will also bring support for the UK, German, and likely French iPhones. Oh, and it will include better duplicate song management. w00t!

Iphone Migrate

Mark/Space, makers of many popular "Missing Sync" smartphone sync softwares, have announced their intent to release "Missing Sync for the iPhone" later this year. Their software will include syncing, SMS backups, better call log management, and a migration tool to copy data from a BlackBerry, Palm OS, or Windows Mobile smartphone.