Fring has just updated their app to allow iPhone 4 users to chat with Android and Nokia/Symbian S60 users with the appropriate camera hardware. So while FaceTime remains easier and slicker if you're both on iPhone 4 on Wi-Fi, if you want to get some cross-platform chat on, this is your go-to option.

To test out the new Fring, Phil Nickinson from Android Central and I fired it up, Phil on his HTC Evo 4G and me on my iPhone 4. Hey, if Jobs and Schmidt can take coffee, I can talk to Phil, okay?

The quality wasn't bad considering he's in Florida on Sprint and I'm in Montreal on Wi-Fi. I did have a problem with the speaker volume, however. I couldn't get any real speaker phone action going on, which meant I couldn't hear Phil unless I put the iPhone to my ear -- thereby destroying the whole point of a video call.

That might have been me not knowing which button to tap or setting to swipe, but we're looking for an answer and will update when we get on. Apple made FaceTime's underlying protocols open, so maybe we'll see a future update employing those as well?

If you want to see Phil's side of the call, head on over to AC.

So now that we live in a world where iPhone's and Androids can talk together, who's going to give it a try?

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