Sure some Skype-come-lately may be making a big splash right now, but Fring has been serving up a lot of goodness to a lot of users for a while already (including those in Canada!) and they're by no means done yet. They've just let TiPb know about their latest update, which not only includes a ton of great new features, but lays the foundation for notifications, which will be getting a huge "push" come iPhone 3.0:

You can now choose whether to show or hide your Offline contacts and regular GSM buddies. And for convenience, we’ve moved fring settings to the general iPhone settings, so there’s no need to open fring each time you want to make a small change.

You’ll also notice a small flag symbol in the top left hand corner of the dialer screen, Tap this and you’ll get a list of countries. Select the one you’re calling and the International dial code will automatically be entered making overseas Skype Out and SIP calls even easier.

We’re also just finishing off a notification add-on for this version. This add-on will notify you when your friends are trying to connect with you whilst your fring is closed. This of course includes all the different services (Skype, MSN, Google talk etc)

To make this as useful as possible, we are conducting a gradual roll-out, starting with the UK and US. This service will eventually be in line with Apple’s 3.0 firmware and new notification feature.

Fring is available for FREE from the iTunes App Store. If you've already updated, give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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