Rumors are like falling apples in an orchard - some are perfectly edible, while most are wormy and end up on the ground rotting away, eaten by insects. The Apple rumor mill yields bushel baskets full of both kinds. Today's rumor comes courtesy of Glenn Fleishman of TidBits, who claims to have heard from "sources" (mwaha) that Apple is very close to making a public announcement regarding native application development on iPhone. Naturally his "source" is vague and void of details, which makes it totally credible!

Not that I wouldn't love to sit here all day playing this game of he said, she said, but like I've said so many times before... we KNOW application support is coming. I have my own "sources" as well. It isn't a question of if, but what and when. Will Apple open its kimono, releasing a full blown SDK with no handrails and locked doors? Or will this be a token sandbox environment with kiddie pool and happy meals? Wait. Just wait, all will be revealed soon.