Google shows off Project Glass, the HUD-interface in your eyeglasses

Google's Project Glass, the concept video where they show wearable eyeglasses hooked up to a Siri-like voice control system and powerful communications network, has naturally become a source of controversy on the internet already. Some call it vaporware of Microsoftian proportions, others an unprecedented way for Google to record, aggregate, and monetize everything we do, and basically our entire lives. Whatever. The future is never easy and never comes without a cost. When it's here, each of us will determine what we're willing to pay and to sacrifice to use it, or not.

Meantime, some folks are just having fun with it -- riffing on the idea of how distracting it might be to have heads-up-display in real life, and what it might look like if Google ads are delivered to our glasses the same way they're delivered to our devices.

Whether you like the idea of Project Glass or not, or an Apple variation thereof or not, these are worth a watch and a laugh. (Second one is NSFW-L)