A ridiculously impressive project hit Kickstarter last week called Dash. Not only are these earbuds truly wireless, but they also track your fitness with a tiny infrared LED, including motion, heart rate, and body temperature. One headphone talks to the other over Bluetooth, then the second talks to your iPhone over Bluetooth, though the headphones can play audio independently thanks to 4 GB of included storage. A capacitive touch sensor on the outside of each earbud lets you control audio, take calls, and adjust tracking.

There's the option to toggle audio passthrough so you can either hear what's going on around you, or block it all out. Bone conduction is employed for the microphone, which should work well in noisy environments. There's a 100 mAh battery tucked away in there somewhere, providing 3 hours of playback time, which is about on par with most lightweight stereo Bluetooth headphones. The Dash headphones are also water resistant up to 1 m, though Bragi, the manufacturer, warns that water can mess with the Bluetooth pairing. iOS and Android apps will be available at launch, and they're approaching the stretch goal of $2.5 million in funding for a Windows Phone app. Best of all, there's a developer framework for anybody that wants to optimize their apps for the Dash system. Included in the package are three gels and a charging/carrying case.

Though the $179 early bird special is all done, there are still a bunch available at the $199 tier, which is still well below the $299 price point they're expected to retail for when they launch in November, but that Kickstarter special will ship later in January 2015. Get in now while the getting's good at Dash's at Kickstarter page. $200 is a fair bit to pay for earbuds, but these are obviously unique in their feature set and an instabuy for fitness nuts that are already on-board with current tracking gadgets. Even as someone who's not really gung-ho about fitness tracking, I'm tempted to put some money down for a pair. What about you guys?