Fund This: The Feeling Skin

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks offer myriad ways for you to share your emotional state: the "Feeling" tag on Facebook, emoticons, and so on. But none of them do a particularly good job of it. The team behind The Feeling Skin hopes to change that by developing a social network that's purely about emotion, and a special smartphone case that helps you stay in touch with your friends.

Twelve Monkeys Company, based in Paris, France, has developed a smartphone app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that lets you share your "Mood Up" and "Mood Down" moments with your friends. To share your moment, you can record a short video — say something that's on your mind or record your environment around you (you have up to 12 seconds). You can then post that "Mood" to the app's network, and you can also post it Twitter and Facebook. Your friends then get your message.

But The Feeling Skin takes this a step further: it's a case for the iPhone 5/5s that works with the app and glows depending on your friends' moods. A built in LED shows you their emotions at a glance. You can also ask your friends how they're doing by touching a "pulse" button on the back of the case. (The developers plan to support other devices in the future.)

The case also serves as a battery recharger - it has a 1450 mAh battery built in, to give your iPhone a nice boost in longevity between charges. The company claims a patent pending design that lets you sync your iPhone to your computer without having to take it out of the case first, and it passes muster with Apple's MFi (Made for iPhone) certification process.

Twelve Monkeys Company is looking for $40,000 through its Kickstarter project page, and with 50 days to go they've raised over $10,000. They anticipate shipping the first batch of Feeling Skin cases in July. If the idea of expressing emotion through a unique app and peripheral sounds like it's of interest to you, check it out.