Kittyo for iPhone

Alright, cat people (you know who you are). Sometimes you've gotta leave the house and you're not keen on leaving your furry friend unattended for long. Kittyo is in the home stretch of their Kickstarter campaign to make an iPhone-controlled robot that has a speaker, laser pointer, and snack dispenser. There's a camera built in there so you can get a live feed of your cat chasing the swipe-controlled laser pointer, and even record a video if you're seeing something particularly cute.

The Kittyo stays in one spot and can be anchored with a shelf unit if you need a bit of extra stability. Though there is a bell you can sound to call the cat to the Kittyo and you can call your cat through your iPhone in whatever high-pitched squeaky voices you want, it sure would be cool if this thing had wheels so you could go around the house and find them on your own (though they may just tackle the thing if it showed any further signs of life than it already does). All you've got to do on set-up is connect the device to your home Wi-Fi network, and you're good to go.

Kittyo is in its last week of funding. The $99 early bird units are all sold out, but you can still snag one for $119 at the Kittyo Kickstarter page, with shipments going out in November. What do you think cat owners, is that price worthwhile for being able to play with your cat every once in awhile from work? What kind of remote pet care solutions are you on the lookout for?