With spring just around the corner, and NCAA March Madness starting this week, you might be eager to get outside and play some basketball, soccer, or football. The guys at Sportan are trying to help facilitate that with a location-based social network for players. With it, you can find those nearby looking to play your favorite sport, chat with fellow players to figure out logistics, and even mark your progress with a built-in skill rating, leveling, and achievement system.

Sportan natively supports soccer, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, cricket, ping pong, bowling, pool, badminton, golf, cricket, and hockey, but you can also add your own custom sports in on the off-chance that there are those playing more obscure sports. No squash? Add it in. There's a friending system built in so you can meet up with the players you meet later on. Locations for meet-ups are identified clearly, though venues aren't booked automatically; that still needs to be done manually, though they're working on something to fix that in 2015.

I'm not what you'd call a particularly sporty guy, but that's primarily because the method of matchmaking with video games is so fast and seamless. It's clear that Sportan is borrowing a lot from that area in order to make it easier to put a game together. Sportan is well under halfway their funding goal of $25,000 on Indiegogo, though it's a flexible goal for now. Head over to their page to pitch in $20 to get early access to the app. The app is already 75% done, which is great. The funds they're raising are going towards marketing, and 5% is going to a U.N. sports charity. Expect to see Sportan in the App Store in May.