Funds for iOS lets you get a glimpse of where your money goes, track what you're saving

Funds for iOS is a minimalist budget app that allows you to input how much you earn and how much you spend. From there, you can see a simple breakdown of what percentage of your income goes to different expenses as well as how much you're saving each month.

There isn't anything complicated or advanced about Funds but it does effectively provide an overall picture of your financial situation. Once you've told Funds how much you make and what your fixed expenses each month are, you're given an idea as to how you're doing. The color scheme will even change given how much you've got left to budget for the rest of the month.

Sliding to the right over any expense or income item will delete it from Funds. Slide to the left and you can quickly view what percentage of your overall income is being allocated to that type of expense. Tapping the menu button in the bottom right will show you a graph view of the same data.

Funds isn't over complicated by any means but what it can do is give a good overall snapshot of your current financial situation. That means you can make some educated decisions moving forward about what you should and can cut back on to save more money. If you're having issues saving money or can't quite pinpoint where your money is going, Funds can help you figure that out.

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