David Ashman is a well known jailbreak app writer with his Lockinfo package from Cydia. Almost everyone who jailbreaks has, or has heard of, Lockinfo. He attended the WWDC keynote today, and to say the least, he feels ripped off.

Apple finally figured out that you need to do more than show a big blue popup on the lockscreen to provide users with useful information. What they added is a direct rip off of Peter Hajas’ MobileNotifier (at least he got hired by Apple). But what is it missing (at least based on early views… I’ll admit I don’t have the developer seed yet):

No emails on the lockscreen. (Redacted… screenshot shows it)
No quick previews.
No direct replies via integrations with other apps.
No status bar icons.
No plugin API.
No weather (on the lockscreen).
No RSS feeds.
No Twitter integration.
No Facebook integration (coming soon).
No favorites quick dial/text/facetime.

He goes on to say that Apple did make it look pretty, but it's still lacking some of the major conveniences that he, himself, has implemented into his own jailbreak package, such as quick previews, direct replies, and drop down lists.

These are just a few of the things he has posted in his latest blog. He says he will continue to develop for Lockinfo and keep pushing out updates. To read his entire blog post, hit the link at the bottom of the post.

What do you think of Ashman's comments? Do you think he is valid in stating this? Do you feel as though Apple ripped off his idea? Let us know in the comments.

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