Alex Dobie over at Android Central has put together a complete review of the Galaxy Nexus, Google's third superphone and the second by Samsung. While the internet often jokes about "another day, another baddest Android phone on the planet", the Galaxy Nexus seems intent on taking that crown and holding it for more than just a few weeks this time. What does that mean for Apple and the iPhone 4S?

That's an interesting question. The two devices are in some ways a study in contrasts. iPhone 4S retains a 3.5-inch 960x480 Retina display while the Galaxy Nexus is a huge 4.3-inches, 1280x720 PenTile monster. iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras to ever grace a mobile device while Galaxy Nexus' shooter is decidedly un-great. iPhone 4S has Siri, the intelligent voice-control assistant, and Galaxy Nexus has Face unlock and Android Beam. iPhone nailed user experience out the gate and has been slowly adding functionality over the years while Google has jam-packd Android with features but had a harder time nailing usability and consistency. But these are both mature, stable, enjoyable devices now with large enough App Stores and Markets to fit almost anyone's needs.

Galaxy Nexus doesn't seem quite the leap forward the Nexus One was, but certainly a far greater leap than the Nexus S delivered. Mobile Nations will put it head-to-head against the iPhone 4S soon enough, but for now check out Alex's review and let us know what you think -- tempted much?

Source: Android Central

Galaxy Nexus Review